Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cute smilebox program

so, now it's 1am, and i am kicking myself because i planned to go to bed early tonight since the past 2 nights have contained little sleep. well, i decided to change my blog look, then i found this little smilebox thing. i didn't feel like downloading any new pictures, and i made this little slideshow thinking i could put in on my page, but i doesn't fit, and i'm too tired to think about it. so i am just posting it.

it's a fun little program..go check it out. these are just some pictures from earlier this year: easter, and jay and cora's birthdays.

i've been slacking at the blog thing. i got a new camera, so i was excited to blog some new pictures, then the camera broke..and so did my excitment over blogging! haha. okay, going to bed now.

Click to play fairly recent bera pics
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