Friday, August 24, 2007

rough day

man, today has been rough! my kids have been horrid! i wanted to put them to bed at like 4 o'clock...seriously. i just don't understand why some days they act like i am speaking in tounges. it took jay 3 hours to clean his room today. it was just picking up a few toys! he was being so defiant! but he started speaking my language really fast when i started putting everything on the floor in a trash bag. he freaked. but i had to do it. i threated to do it like 5 times, so i had to follow through. so, needless to say. the room is "clean" a 4 year old's standard.

but i do feel somewhat accomplished. i got the better part of my yard mowed. cora's too little clothes packed away, and her fall/winter 2t stuff out and washed and put away. i'm caught up on laundry, and i even got my bedroom/bathroom cleaned. so, i did get some things done. now it's almost 9...josh just got home from working, and we are just going to vegggggg. happy friday!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

southern living at home

I went to a southern living at home party with my friend, kim, tonight. It was alot of fun. I didn't know a soul there (except for her). I didn't buy anything. I kind of felt like a heel, but there were enough people there, no one even noticed I ooohed and aaahed, and made a mental wish in I must be mental to think we'd be able to afford that stuff right now. but man, I really did see some things I'd like to have. I don't love alll of their stuff, but they do have some collections that are this is the gallery collection. it's all white stuff that i really really like. i have a couple of the big plates (i use them as serving platters), the pitcher, compote, and big bowl.

the newest collection i have my eye on is the the christmas stuff....i think it's so cute. here's a picture of it too. they have a whole entire collection of this, but the picture only shows part of it.

anyway, the food was really great. and I ate up! i've been trying to watch what I've been eating, but tonight I felt no guilt. She had lots of appitizer type favorite. the party was about an hour away, so kim and I got the chance to chat and laugh on the way there and back. she is my workout partner, so I see her nearly everyday, but we usually have other pressing matters to tend our super hot bodies! lol!! anyway, thought of the day.....southern living at stuff for rich people! haha. i have a friend that sells it. if anyone is interested i can get you her name and number. having a party is really worth the great hostess specials they have. that's how i got my cute gallery stuff!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the long awaited baptism

This past Saturday we attended the baptism of Randy and Dalton, a father and son. Randy was good friends with my dad when they were young. And he's known my family forever. Dalton just turned the magical age of 8. I teach him in primary, and he is such a delight! He is always so eager to participate, and a little sponge soaking up the gospel. It was truely a special day. You could feel the excitement and joy of everyone there. A couple of sister missionaries even came down from Utah to be here for the baptism. How neat is that?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Noland

Monday was my little sister, Erin's first wedding anniversary. I can't believe she has already been married for one whole year. It's so strange to think of myself all grown up...much less my little sister! We all went over to my mom's house where she and her hubby, Thad, cut the saved top tier of their wedding cake. His grandmother (the neatest 80-something year old lady you will ever meet) had wrapped it perfectly and froze it for them. It tasted as good as it did 1 year ago. I remember mine was kinda gross. We tried to bring it to Louisiana with us on our move from Utah, and I guess the thaw and refreeze was not so good for it. haha! Anyway, Erin & Thad are the cutest couple, and we are glad to have him as a part of our family.