Sunday, April 20, 2008

my little tee baller

jay had his first tee ball game this weekend. he plays for a team called kel-tech. i don't even know what business it is, but they have a teal green shirt. jay picked number 15. i'm not sure what significance the number 15 has, but he picked it in soccer too. i tried in vain for him to be 8 like me..sniff, sniff.

he played outfield for his first game, and didn't get much action out there. he did get one ball, and threw it to the pitcher! yay, jay! i think he had more fun playing with his shadow in the outfield than anything else. haha. here's some pictures: down & ready, playing with his shadow, and being silly.

so, i never knew this, but in tee ball they get 3 pitches from the coach before actually hitting off of the tee. that was interesting to me. anyway, he hit it once, and used the tee once. (they only got through 2 innings in an hour+) here's jay up to bat.

and of course cora had fun at the game! she was a handful though. running around being a little social butterfly, she was hard to keep up with. she wants to play too.and she'd probably make a good little ball player! we are going to put her in dancing this summer, and i hope she likes it. right now she wants to do everything her brother does.

and i got to do snacks for the first game! so, of course i took a picture of the cute cookies i made. they are just the cookies i always make (we call them neiman marcus cookies) with my buttercream icing on top..move over great american cookie company! they were yummy & cute, but got alittle smashed during packaging. so, that's the story of jay's first tee ball game. all in all it was good. i was alittle worried about jay not liking it. but he told me later it was fun, so that made me feel better. i missed his second game yesterday for a baby shower i was helping to host :( but he did great...didn't need the tee even once! my mom took more pictures, so i'll probably post more later!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


so, josh and i celebrated our 7 year anniversary this weekend. can it be possible that 7 whole years have passed? wow. we've been through alot, and have made alot of memories in the past 84 months. like most marriages we've had our ups and downs. our 3rd year was probably the roughest. but since then we've joined the same team, and things have been good. isn't it funny how much time we spend butting heads and wanting our own way? in the past decade-3 josh and i have grown up and learned alot. we have gotten pretty good at compromising and wanting one another to be happy, and not being as selfish. we argue alot less, but of course we disagree still! how can men and women see things so differently? that is where compromising comes in! haha.

what did we do to celebrate? dinner and a movie. sounds like a common date, huh? well, when you have 2 kids and 100 different things going on you don't go on dates too often! so, we saw 21..thanks russell for the tickets! it was a good movie. i like kate bosworth. it was about some MIT students who beat the black jack system. and we ate at the waterfront grill. i won a gift certificate back in january on what's cookin'?, and we have never used it. so, thanks to russell and stacy thorton..we had a free anniversary date! wow, huh? and being the penny pincher/deal hunter i made it even better!

well, i'll leave you with a couple of pictures. that might make you laugh, have we changed much?

Friday, April 4, 2008

scrapbook fridays

so, today i spent nearly 9 hours at my friend, breanna's, house. she, annie and i have been getting together to "scrapbook" on fridays for the past few months. however, we have actaully scrapbooked probably twice. over the past few months there have been so many birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and weddings we have been planning we've done just about everything but scrapbook! so, we've decided that scrapbook friday needs a new name.

but one of the things i love about the days formerly known as scrapbook fridays is the friendships i've made. i tend to want to be a homebody these days. i so enjoy my pjs, and just hanging in my house all day. but getting together with friends, and having actual adult conversation has done me a world of good! and spending the day crafting in one way or another and chatting with girls that share the same intrests and goals and standards makes for good times! so, thanks breanna and annie for "scrapbook fridays"! of our WHALE of a masterpiece coming soon. hehehe.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

give big or go home

i am so in love with this show. i thought it was going to be so cheesy, but i watched the first one, and i was hooked. i cry at least 5 times during each episode. there are so many ways to help people, and there are so many people in one way or another. it's touching to see how creative they get in creating ways to serve others. does anyone else watch? if you feel like you are missing out, don't worry, you can watch them all on just click on full episodes. it comes on sunday nights after home edition. here's a preview if you have no idea what i'm talking about.

so, i have a presidency meeting at my house in a couple of hours, and my house is a disaster. and what am i doing? blogging.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my newest hobby

so, i've not blogged in quite some time. and i struggled with how to start blogging again. so much time has pasted, and so many things have happened...i just don't know where to start. so, i've decided to just start with a random blog, and i'll do my best to just start fresh, and blog more often.

so, i've developed yet another hobby. back in january i took a cake decorating class with my sister @ michael's. it was alot of fun, and we learned lots, so i decided i can be a 'cake lady' too! so, get ready....

first was cora's birthday cake. as you can see it's a duck! i was pretty happy with the way "walter" turned out, but not the way he tasted. i was told you should use pound cake when making a 3D cake such as this. no big deal since i love pound cake. problem is...pound cake don't rise, man! and a no rising cake results in 1/2 of a duck. so, i tried martha's recipe, and then some random recipe i found that contained baking powder...neither of which worked. so. i took one of my half baked ducks to my cake lady (at michaels) and she says there is a great pound cake in a box cake mix. well, i don't do box mixes so often, so it was news to me. well, anyway, the mix rose and filled out the duck (not 100%, but good i was not willing to make a 4th duck. good thing i tried a practice duck earlier in the week. normally i would have waited until friday night to bake it...then there would have been no "walter" for cora. thanks, breanna, for the pan!

and then here's the cupcakes. i looked all over for tiny little ducks to put on top, but couldn't find, i made my own little icing ducks. they don't have eyes...i couldn't get them to look right, and decided ducks don't need eyes anyway!

next up was jay's spiderman birthday. i found this awesome blog with the instructions. i found the beauty of cake mixes. but so far i only like the butter recipe ones. and i found a new buttercream recipe i love. lesson learned: red and black's hard to make. but the cake was pretty easy..and jay and his friends loved it.

then there is the candyland castle! it was made for my friend, breanna's little girl, renee. it was in the wilton 2008 yearbook, and i think we matched it pretty good. it had some transportation problems, but was able to be fixed...somewhat.

and here's the candyland express that was renee's brother, elijah's cake it was more of a group effort, so i'm not taking credit for it, but isn't it cute?

and most recently we have a wedding cake! i know, you are asking yourself, what crazy person was willing to let a beginner make her wedding cake? well, it was a very laid back, and trusting bride! it was quite a learning experience. and all in all i'm thrilled with the way it turned out. it's just buttercream icing with brown ribbon, and truffles on top. thanks to bridget for her help and guidance, and to marissa for her pans! and to breanna..the wedding planner with all the faith in my ability. and of course amy, the bride who was willing to let a newbie do her cake!

so, that's all i have for now. i'm off to get my warm sheets out of the dryer and then crawl between them! happy wednesday!