Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the story of bonnie

in my efforts to catch up on my blog, i wanted to tell the story of "bonnie".

but first, alittle backtracking...we lost our "iris" easter week. she died after being ill for awhile. so, the beras decided no more canine family members for awhile. but i think everyone who knows us knew we wouldn't last long. that is probably why my mom said "you don't need another dog" nearly everytime i spoke to her!

but as things go, i meet "bonnie". the kids and i went to the golf course to take josh some clubs that the ups man brought. and up walks this cute little bassett hound. josh explains she's a stray and she's been hanging around the course for about a month! well, of course i want to take her home, and of course...josh says "absolutely not, we do not need a dog!"

well, come to find out there is a male that roams the course too! so, of course i want BOTH! they are a pair, obviously! josh just laughs, and says no. so, i take the kids home, and about the time josh is finishing up at the golf course i texted him and said i could get "bonnie and clyde's" room ready before he got home. he writes back that he and bonnie were looking for clyde, and would be home shortly! we were so excited!

well, we never found clyde. we looked for days, and the employees at the course were watching for him too. bonnie went through a series of flea baths and treatments..what a job! she wasn't so fond of the bathroom. she was "reasonably" house trained. she would go out if we were here to let her out, but didn't mind going inside either. but the worst part was...she would run away! 10x a day i'm chasing her down the road because the kids would let her out or drop her leash. it as madding!

so, after 2 weeks of having our sweet little bonnie the beras (especially mama bera) accepted what everyone else already knew...we aren't ready for a dog. it's sad, but true. i just don't have the time (or want to exert the effort) to have a new dog right now.

so what did i do? well, i posted her on freecycle. she was spoken for in a matter of an hour! she was picked up by a couple from ruston who immediately fell in love with her. her new mom emailed me and said her new name is "snickers" (remember she was only bonnie for a couple of weeks!) because that was the first thing she ate at her new house. and her new dad shared a plate of ribs with her the first night she was there. ha! so, bonnie is living the life! she would have never had that here! we are pretty strict with the no human food for dogs thing. and, having been a stray...she thought dog food was gross.

so, that's the story of bonnie. bonnie got a new life, and the beras learned a lesson! (well, i did anyway, everyone else seemed to have already learned it!)

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The Domestic Goddess said...

What a cute story. I have bitter-sweet feelings about having a dog again. Atleast I can put those feelings aside while we live in an apartment