Monday, August 18, 2008

my kindergartener

jay is offically a big kid. today we went to meet his kindergarten teacher. her name is mrs. ellerbe, and she seems really nice. i've heard lots of good things about her around town. jay was worried about school last night, but today he saw his friend dylan there, so he was pretty happy. wednesday will be his first full day of school. wow. time flies by so fast. it seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby! i can't believe we are already to this stage of his life! not that i am having trouble letting go, but i signed up for everything a mom can sign up for today..class parties, reading to the class, treats, field trips, pto..the works. i think we will all have fun with jay in kindergarten!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sad day.

my friend has moved away. i've known this day would come since we became friends less than a year ago. her husband got into law school in new orleans, and *poof*, they were gone! yesterday we went over to help them pack up the vehicles (well, josh did..once i got there everything was pretty much done)

but here i sit @ 7 am the next day..missing my friend. it's movie i want to text her and say...'we're going, but running late!'..and then have her reply...'we just woke up, but we'll be there....after a bk breakfast run of course!'

then tonight is bunco...i'm getting all choked up now! i won't get to call and say 'what are you taking to bunco?'

and no more scrapbook fridays!

and who will i talk to in primary now?!

and who would i be able to drop my kids off at a minute's notice, and know they will be okay?

and who will i plan parties with?

and who will email me cute craft ideas...and say 'we have to do these!'...although we never get around to all of them.

well, at least new orleans is only 4 hours away. i'm done with my pity blog. i wish the youngs lots of luck and happiness in their new adventure! here's the only pictures i got yesterday before my dumb camera batteries died...with NO warning. grr.