Monday, June 30, 2008

happy belated birthday, erin

my sister's birthday was earlier this month, and i've been meaning to sit and blog about it, but just haven't made the time. she is 24! ah, to be young again..haha. we had a little get together for her the day after her birthday @ my mom's house. we had grilled bratworsts (aka.."sausage on a bun") that seems to be our family meal.

erin had a few friends make it to the party. that was fun. losing touch with friends is one of the worst parts of life! so, they had fun catching up.

i made the cake. i used the opportunity to try out something new. i made a "topsy-turvy" cake. it looks like it's off balance. it was fun to make. but i learned alot during the process. it was also my first time to make/use fondant. it's not so hard to work with, but it just doesn't taste good. and the texture just doesnt' go with the cake! oh well. erin liked it and that's all that matters! happy late birthday, erin! love you

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