Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how fun twins must be!

i got the opportunity to make cakes for a cute little set of twins' birthday this weekend. they were turning 5, and it makes me smile to think of how different they are. obviously one is a boy and the other is a girl, but can you imagine the day to day things this mom goes through? haha! bless her heart.

but the cakes were fun to make. i was given a picture for both to go by, so i cannot take credit for the creativity, but i am rather pleased with the outcome.


The Domestic Goddess said...

Go Erica, those are great. So do you deliver? to Shreveport? Great job, you are so creative.

Julie said...

ERICA seriously .. if you don't move out here to go into busines swith me i'll move out there!! k prob. not but I soooooo could use you.. you flipn ROCK!! I love all of that.. uum and make a mental note when i decided to finally spawn we need to do a whale baby shower! that's sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

The cakes look awesome!