Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cora!

What better way to jump back into the blogging world than with pictures of Cora's 3rd birthday?! As you can see, we went with the Care Bear theme. She loved it. Of course we had the party at home (despite Jay's best efforts) I am just not ready to handle the "invite every kid you've ever known to some party place where the kids run completely wild for 2 hours and then you go home" type of party. I like our homemade parties, and as long as I am the boss...this is the way we will "roll". HA! Okay, on to the pictures!

This is cora with her cake and the Care Bear backdrop is Josh's handy work!

The sweetest picture of the day!

The birthday girl's shirt-a pink version of Birthday Bear

The Care Bears on a cloud covering the mantle, and the awesome pinata my sister, Erin decorated. I wanted to make a rainbow pinata, but anything that's not round seems to be out of the realm of my pinata making we had to get creative! In case you can't tell, it's Cheer Bear's belly badge.

Goodie Bags! Hobby Lobby had these their canvas bags 1/2 off, and they came in blue, yellow and green, so we made them into Grumpy, Sunshine and GoodLuck bear bags. There's not much Care Bear stuff out there, so the bags just had some rainbow chip cookies, fruit snacks, playdough, skittles, and a Care Bear cup.

Here's her Care Bear Cake, and some TenderHeart cookies too!

The Birthday Gang! (Lauren, Jay, Chyan, Cora, Kennedy & Clara)


breanna said...

Yea for the update!!! The party was SO cute!! One down, one to go!

Leslie said...

you are so creative! i love all the care bear theme stuff. The goody bags are darling. what a fun mom you are!

DaNell said...

Yeah, your back!!! I have missed hearing about your family. Cora's Birthday looks like a hit. I am planning Brins as I type, (I mean I have been planning it for a year now:) Don’t you just love b-day parties. But I won’t attempt the cake thing way to hard:)