Tuesday, February 10, 2009

valentine mailboxes

So, being the procrastinator I am...Jay, Cora and I made their Valentine Boxes tonight...due tomorrow! Well, Jay's is, Cora was just along for the ride..but she doesn't know the difference. It all started off very rocky. I could feel my anxiety reaching it's blowing point as the chaos began. Since it was their first experience in making mailboxes they just had no idea what was going on, and didn't really want to listen to direction...just wanted complain and fight over who gets what. but as things progressed everything started to settle down. We just spray painted the boxes silver (just the first can of paint my hand touched) and they got to dig through and awesome bucket of chip board letters and shapes my friend, Bridget got for me. Then they looked through my ginormous book of stickers and such...and they directed and created and I operated the hot glue gun. I think they turned out quite nicely! bring it on, cupid!


Teresa said...

Snaps for Erica! Way to go Jay and Cora, they look great!

breanna said...

looks like i need to raid that chipboard!