Wednesday, February 11, 2009

cora's new room

For Cora's birthday her Beemaw got her a new bedroom floor! So, we got the paint and got busy. She loves her room so much, but probably not as much as I do!

The BEFORE pictures. All in all not a bad room (we have others that are in worse need!) But we needed to make it "Cora's Room"!

Jay and Cora had fun pitching in to help paint. The Kilz took FOREVER to wear off of Cora's little legs. I don't know how she got so much on her!

This is the green color i picked out...actually I showed the choices to Cora and she made the final decision. "Cactus Green" is the color. And at this point I am kicking myself..I am not so great at picking out colors. And with the black and white looked pretty bad.

But once we started putting the new floor down it started to look better. Jay really is a good helper when it comes to home repairs! I wonder if I was so functional @ age 5?? Probably not.

The end result is such a precious site! Cora was sleeping on a toddler bed in Jay's room-then in our room 1/2 of the night! But this is her big girl bed (a beautiful iron day bed we are borrowing from breanna..thank you, breanna!!) These sheets were mine when I was a kid..Strawberry Shortcake! And the quilt came from a super great sale at Pottery Barn. But seeing her sleep in her big girl bed is wonderful! It's been a couple of weeks, and she is doing really well. Better than I would have guessed. She goes to sleep in there no problem, but usually tries to come to our room between 2 and 4am. We've started the "no Max and Ruby" for the whole next day if she comes in and stays. Sometimes she goes back, and other times she says "I don't want to watch Max & Ruby". Then other nights she stays in her bed until's getting better. She's also done a pretty good job of keeping it clean. I don't have an AFTER picture of the whole room yet...i will try to remember to post one later. sweet dreams!


Brett, Kate and Austin said...

Looks great! :)

breanna said...

ohh! i can't wait to see it in person! we are coming home sometime next week. renee has a week off for mardi gras. orum only gets 2 days, so it will just be me and the kids! don't you love middle-of-the-night reasoning..."i dont want max & ruby!"
that is hilarious! see you next week!

breanna said... forget about worrying to "catch up" upload a pictre of carson and get the blogging bug back! i miss you!