Monday, October 27, 2008


We have a new dog. I know, it seems like the day before yesterday I was blogging about Bonnie, and all the reasons the Beras are not ready for a dog...but those dang Beras don't learn lessons every well. So, meet Marley. He's a chocolate lab who had too much energy for his previous owners. He's 8 months old and is excited about life! He's a really good dog, but has lots to learn. At first the kids were not too excited (did I mention he has alot of energy?) but they are getting use to him, and he is learinging to live with kids (ie...when pounced on cora crumples to the ground, and her mom doesn't like that...things like that!) He is learning to fetch really well, but our old Iris could have shown this young pup up in that department! So, here's a few pictures of him...he is as easy to photograph as cora...they are moving too fast for the camera! But you get the idea...happy monday!


Teresa said...

Holy snickey's!!! Marleys tongue is freakin long.
On another did you have something to share with Rachel mentioned it!

DaNell said...

I am still trying to talk Justin into letting me get a Great Dane. He is not for that idea! How fun for your kids.

breanna said... are nuts! i thought we agreed no more animals!