Sunday, April 20, 2008

my little tee baller

jay had his first tee ball game this weekend. he plays for a team called kel-tech. i don't even know what business it is, but they have a teal green shirt. jay picked number 15. i'm not sure what significance the number 15 has, but he picked it in soccer too. i tried in vain for him to be 8 like me..sniff, sniff.

he played outfield for his first game, and didn't get much action out there. he did get one ball, and threw it to the pitcher! yay, jay! i think he had more fun playing with his shadow in the outfield than anything else. haha. here's some pictures: down & ready, playing with his shadow, and being silly.

so, i never knew this, but in tee ball they get 3 pitches from the coach before actually hitting off of the tee. that was interesting to me. anyway, he hit it once, and used the tee once. (they only got through 2 innings in an hour+) here's jay up to bat.

and of course cora had fun at the game! she was a handful though. running around being a little social butterfly, she was hard to keep up with. she wants to play too.and she'd probably make a good little ball player! we are going to put her in dancing this summer, and i hope she likes it. right now she wants to do everything her brother does.

and i got to do snacks for the first game! so, of course i took a picture of the cute cookies i made. they are just the cookies i always make (we call them neiman marcus cookies) with my buttercream icing on top..move over great american cookie company! they were yummy & cute, but got alittle smashed during packaging. so, that's the story of jay's first tee ball game. all in all it was good. i was alittle worried about jay not liking it. but he told me later it was fun, so that made me feel better. i missed his second game yesterday for a baby shower i was helping to host :( but he did great...didn't need the tee even once! my mom took more pictures, so i'll probably post more later!


breanna said...
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breanna said...

way to play jay! outfield is the way to go...noone can be mad when you didn't get the out at first base! let us know when your next game is so we can see you in action!

DaNell said...

T-ball so much fun!!! Cora has so much hair she is getting so big. And I love the cookies.

The Domestic Goddess said...

Cute, cute, when did your kids get so big.... and where did the 7 years go! It really flies by

Golf Ball Eyes Grandma Smurf :-) said...

Oh my gosh Erica.. It kills me that Jay is soooooooooooo Big!!!!!!! my Heck! I miss my babies I wish you would hurry and move here so I can see them and so we could use you with our business stuff.. I love ya girl!

jessio said...

haha our ward is almost rediculous, but it's okay! i'll get used to it