Sunday, April 13, 2008


so, josh and i celebrated our 7 year anniversary this weekend. can it be possible that 7 whole years have passed? wow. we've been through alot, and have made alot of memories in the past 84 months. like most marriages we've had our ups and downs. our 3rd year was probably the roughest. but since then we've joined the same team, and things have been good. isn't it funny how much time we spend butting heads and wanting our own way? in the past decade-3 josh and i have grown up and learned alot. we have gotten pretty good at compromising and wanting one another to be happy, and not being as selfish. we argue alot less, but of course we disagree still! how can men and women see things so differently? that is where compromising comes in! haha.

what did we do to celebrate? dinner and a movie. sounds like a common date, huh? well, when you have 2 kids and 100 different things going on you don't go on dates too often! so, we saw 21..thanks russell for the tickets! it was a good movie. i like kate bosworth. it was about some MIT students who beat the black jack system. and we ate at the waterfront grill. i won a gift certificate back in january on what's cookin'?, and we have never used it. so, thanks to russell and stacy thorton..we had a free anniversary date! wow, huh? and being the penny pincher/deal hunter i made it even better!

well, i'll leave you with a couple of pictures. that might make you laugh, have we changed much?


Anonymous said...

Wow, 7 years. I remeber when you had been married for 3 and I thought that was so long (Justin and I would never be old enough to be married 3yrs.) June 5yrs for us!. Life can be so fulfilling with a companion someone to share all of life’s experiences. How happy we are for you both. You deserve all the best this world can offer.

DaNell said...

That was from me sorry - DaNell

Golf Ball Eyes Grandma Smurf :-) said...

dude Erica.. was that 1st pic recent? you both look good... I like the 2nd pic ya'll were just so young! Well congrats on butting up with josh for 7 years you deserve some sort of metal or something! :-)