Friday, April 4, 2008

scrapbook fridays

so, today i spent nearly 9 hours at my friend, breanna's, house. she, annie and i have been getting together to "scrapbook" on fridays for the past few months. however, we have actaully scrapbooked probably twice. over the past few months there have been so many birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and weddings we have been planning we've done just about everything but scrapbook! so, we've decided that scrapbook friday needs a new name.

but one of the things i love about the days formerly known as scrapbook fridays is the friendships i've made. i tend to want to be a homebody these days. i so enjoy my pjs, and just hanging in my house all day. but getting together with friends, and having actual adult conversation has done me a world of good! and spending the day crafting in one way or another and chatting with girls that share the same intrests and goals and standards makes for good times! so, thanks breanna and annie for "scrapbook fridays"! of our WHALE of a masterpiece coming soon. hehehe.


breanna said...

cheers to that!

Leslie said...

hey erica, glad to see you back on your blog. I love the cake decorating you have been doing. you are so crafty i think they are all darling!! way impressed!

me and my sisters used to get together once a month and scrap and i loved it! i miss that time together.

Danell said...

Hello- I am going to try this blogging thing
Maybe I will stay up on this!!??