Friday, August 24, 2007

rough day

man, today has been rough! my kids have been horrid! i wanted to put them to bed at like 4 o'clock...seriously. i just don't understand why some days they act like i am speaking in tounges. it took jay 3 hours to clean his room today. it was just picking up a few toys! he was being so defiant! but he started speaking my language really fast when i started putting everything on the floor in a trash bag. he freaked. but i had to do it. i threated to do it like 5 times, so i had to follow through. so, needless to say. the room is "clean" a 4 year old's standard.

but i do feel somewhat accomplished. i got the better part of my yard mowed. cora's too little clothes packed away, and her fall/winter 2t stuff out and washed and put away. i'm caught up on laundry, and i even got my bedroom/bathroom cleaned. so, i did get some things done. now it's almost 9...josh just got home from working, and we are just going to vegggggg. happy friday!


Julie said...

ha ha ha Erica, you are so funny.. your such a good mommy... I sware.. my bro's know how to pick them ..

Hardys said...

You are officially a parent when all we do is stay at home and veg on a Friday night! Justin works Friday nights so I "get" to veg all night!