Thursday, August 23, 2007

southern living at home

I went to a southern living at home party with my friend, kim, tonight. It was alot of fun. I didn't know a soul there (except for her). I didn't buy anything. I kind of felt like a heel, but there were enough people there, no one even noticed I ooohed and aaahed, and made a mental wish in I must be mental to think we'd be able to afford that stuff right now. but man, I really did see some things I'd like to have. I don't love alll of their stuff, but they do have some collections that are this is the gallery collection. it's all white stuff that i really really like. i have a couple of the big plates (i use them as serving platters), the pitcher, compote, and big bowl.

the newest collection i have my eye on is the the christmas stuff....i think it's so cute. here's a picture of it too. they have a whole entire collection of this, but the picture only shows part of it.

anyway, the food was really great. and I ate up! i've been trying to watch what I've been eating, but tonight I felt no guilt. She had lots of appitizer type favorite. the party was about an hour away, so kim and I got the chance to chat and laugh on the way there and back. she is my workout partner, so I see her nearly everyday, but we usually have other pressing matters to tend our super hot bodies! lol!! anyway, thought of the day.....southern living at stuff for rich people! haha. i have a friend that sells it. if anyone is interested i can get you her name and number. having a party is really worth the great hostess specials they have. that's how i got my cute gallery stuff!

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Hardys said...

I love your blog. I was in your same shoes when I started, if you still need help, I would love to help you when I am there. I love to blog...