Thursday, September 6, 2007

my little brownie cook

it's been awhile since i've posted a blog. i've just been too lazy to sit at the computer long enough to write something about myself! i can't believe it is thursday again already. where'd the week go? seriously. loosing monday to a holiday just throws my whole week off.

well i wanted to blog about the awesome swing set we got. it's little tykes. we found it at a garage sale and my mom got it for her grandbabies...and they love it. the people we got if from kept it under a pecan tree, which we all know is a no no. it was pretty filthy. but alittle bleach, comet, and elbow grease got it good as new!

yesterday the missionaries came over to eat. and i have a new brownie recipe, so cora and i made brownies. i didn't think she'd be a good helper in the kitchen, but she was underfoot and driving me crazy. so, i put her little butt on the countertop, and let her help. she loved it. you should have seen her unwrapping the chocolate squares and putting them in the bowl then wadding up the papers, then she helped me dump all the measuring cups and spoons. we had a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards, but it was worth it to keep her happy for a few minutes. and jay, of course, enjoyed the beaters.

well, today is a blah day. the kids are napping...well, almost, and i've got some house work to catch up on. fun stuff. i'll try to get better at this blog thing. happy thursday!

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