Sunday, October 26, 2008

absent blogger

where in the world have i been? it's been over 2 months since i've blogged?! where has the time gone? i just don't know. time just goes by too fast. i haven't cared to sit at the computer much lately. i don't have much time now...but i was downloading LOTS of pictures (my camera was full) and i thought i might post a quick blog about a cute stool i made...well, not made..just spruced up a bit. i found this at a garage sale for $2, and have had it over a year. breanna sent me this blog, and i thought...i can do that. so, here's the pictures to document my project. i am pretty happy with the final product, but i did get some lumps on top. i didn't put enough modge podge under the paper..lumps were the result. oh well...still better than rusty and nasty! i will do better at blogging..i have lots of pictures i will try to catch up now!


Teresa said...

Snaps for Erica. You did a way good job! It's dang cute!

breanna said...

yeah for a post! the stool is SO cute! of course, you had one on hand!

Leslie said...

cute stool! impressive