Wednesday, July 9, 2008


we had a belated 4th celebration at my mom's house on saturday. we ate the best grilled burgers..and deviled eggs (or "doubled eggs" as jay calls them)...and mushrooms..and fruit pizza..and lemon square..yummm. erin and thad brought some awesome fireworks, and thad put on quite the show for us! the kids loved it...however, gertie, my mom's dog was not loving it. she ran away. the whole neighborhood was out searching for her. man, we were worried, but finally my mom and ray found her..scared to death.(people were shooting fireworks all over the neighboorhood). so, all is well! my mom's boyfriend, ray, and his son, lewis, and his daughter, cheyanne came was fun. here's some pictures to prove it!who knew "at home" fireworks could be so pretty!
cora likes sparklers
ruth & ray
ray & cheyanne
jay being silly
thad making a run for it
the crazy beras (cora didn't like the loud stuff)

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jessio said...

yeah, we didn't tell anyone really. just the bishop.. he is going to be alright. he is walking around and everything. the only thing he can't do is drive right now, but they said he should be able to in about a week. don't feel bad.. we purposely didn't really tell anyone. but thanks, and if there's anything we need, we'll let you know.