Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cow appreciation day

nothin' much has been happening around here lately, so i thought i'd catch up on some stuff from last week...it was more fun! friday we went to chickfila for cow appreciation day. it was fun! (hot and crowded, but fun nonetheless) they had games, a balloon lady, face painting, the fire truck, and a boucer out there for the kids. we won coupons for free breakfast foods and a couple of "eat more chicken" cows. and if you dressed up like a cow you got a free combo! we didn't do that..we weren't prepared, but of course we ate!! and i learned that you can get a wheat bun (don't know why i didn't know that before)..but i was happy about it! spinning the wheel..everyone's a winner!
bean bag toss
balloon lady!
face painting..jay didn't want to do it
he wanted a tattoo instead
showing off their decorations
cora's pink balloon elephant & jay's sword
car full of little cows
the girl cow! we've never seen her before, only the boy one..cora wasn't interested in taking a picture with her...but this little girl was!

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breanna said...

wow i'm behind with the blog, but yours is really cute! love the new background!