Monday, July 7, 2008

did i mention....

cora is taking dance? tomorrow is her last class..sniff sniff...for the summer. it was only a 6week long class for the summer, but i thought it might be a good time to "test the waters". but she seems to love it. and those of you who know cora, also know how bullheaded she can be. she doesn't follow directions very well, but maybe this will help. it's been nice to have something that is just for her. jay had tee ball earlier this summer, and everything else we do is all together. we don't get to stay in the room and watch, but there is a tv in the waiting room (which is always packed) so we can watch our little prima ballerinas. renee is in her class, which helps. she is alittle older than cora, and has taken dance before, so she is the "helper" in charge of wild little cora. i am not the best "mom of a dancer" it seems i am always forgetting something..and i've even lost a tap shoe! i really hate being so scatterbrained all of the time..something needs to change! ha! well, i will leave you with some pictures of cora's first day of dance class.
here she comes out the studio door with her tounge hanging out!

renee, cora, & ginger (she and cora were immediate best friends)

the dynamic duo


Golf Ball Eyes Grandma Smurf :-) said...

My baby girl... she is just SOOOO big.. what a princess!!

breanna said...

wow...renee was so photogenic that day!