Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Beemaw!

so, today is my mom's birthday. yep, she turned 29. no, wait..that's me that will be 29. lol! anyway. we had surprise birthday party for her at kiroli park last saturday. her boyfriend, ray, had a blast cooking that up for her. i didn't get a picture of her cake. it was too cute. if i find someone who did, i'll post it. it had a harley davison on it...too cute. jay and cora had so much fun at the park, and jay always has fun playing with his new friend, ray.then today my mom and ray brought their new four wheelers, and we wrote those for awhile. it was fun. i had forgotten how much fun it was. when i was younger we use to go mud digging all the time, but in my old age..i don't do so may footloose and fancy free type things. cora was not interested in riding. that surprised me because she loves riding on the mower, but jay LOVED it. here are some pictures:


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a free babysitter, so if you ever need an "Erica" night, let me know!

Hardys said...

You have been tagged, read my blog for instructions.